Uh maybe I was not clear about what is going on.

I contacted Home depot and they and the tile contractor came out to my house and looked at the 1st tile job and agreed to remove the 1st tile job, which they did. Home Depot is paying for my new tile and the tile company is eating the cost of the labor. The problem is when I contracted with Home Depot; I was responsible for putting up the backer board. Because at the time they were not doing that kind of work.

Even with the redo of my bathroom, I am still responsible for the backer board. Neither Home Depot nor the Tile contractor is willing to take responsibility for that and that is something that I have had to do at my own cost.

Now the problem is that I don't have enough room to pull the tub out to have furring (spelling) strips added. There are only a few inches between my tub and toilet. Even if the tub only needed to come out an inch or so I just don't have the room.

The contractor that I hired to put up the walls came by yesterday and looked at the wall and basically said that he stands behind his work and that the wall is not going to fall. I though would like to have it done correctly and am out of money, and just don't have the stomach for this anymore. I need a Miracle and a goodwill gesture. Because this whole job has consumed me and making me sick, physically.

Thank you

Yeah I too think that Home Depot should eat the cost of the entire job including the walls, but they wont!!!!!!!!!!!!