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    Default Recessed Can clips won't lock

    Installing a 5" Halo recessed remodel can (H5RICAT), and I cannot for the life of me get the clips to lock into place to hold the light in the ceiling (against the sheetrock). They simply pop back into the can and release. Don't even get a chance to put a screwdriver to it. 1/2" sheetrock, so should not be a problem at all. Any ideas?


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    Default Re: Recessed Can clips won't lock

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    Default Re: Recessed Can clips won't lock

    Not sure I'm understanding the issue. They're new construction cans? I've just installed the 5" airtite new construction ones in my remodel, 14 of them. The ends just slide out, you nail into the joist and that's it. There's no other install. The only other thing that's adjustable is the height of the inner can which is held by 3 screws.

    If you're talking the trim pieces for them, the wires are really tight to bend vertical, but there's two clips that they sit inside. you hook them in, and just press the trim up. The two clips will slide up the hooks keeping tight which keeps the trim in place up against the ceiling.

    The light bulb socket pops into the top of the trim. So the hooks on the trim that hold the trim tight against the ceiling also support the socket/bulb

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    Default Re: Recessed Can clips won't lock

    Keith ---- you're describing new construction type of fixtures.

    The OP is using reno fixtures like what's pictured --- however , as this picture shows this Halo fixture uses spring clips so I'm not sure what the issue is.
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