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    Hi! My house was built in 1928 and has the original canister drain system. It is draining extremely slow. We were told that to gain access to the drain to unstop it would be no problem but putting everything back together would be. This company would update the pipes and charge around 2,000. We can not afford to update right now. Is there something we can do with this old canister system to open up the drain? Does anyone have experience with this? Thanks in advance for your help.

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    If you have access to the drum trap, many have screw off caps so they can be cleaned out. But the best way would be to cut the trap out and replace with a P trap. If it is between a floor and a ceiling it would require cutting a hole in the ceiling for access.
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    Hi Chandra, I have the same issue in a 1931 house. The cap of the drum trap should be accessible in the bathroom floor (near the tub), but in some cases it's been sealed over by flooring or otherwise is too tough to unscrew. That's the problem I have.

    I've gotten an estimate of around $300 to replace the drum trap (from the basement ceiling) with a PVC P-trap. This wouldn't be a 'complete' plumbing upgrade, but would at least make the tub drain and it would be easier to snake through in the future.

    It's also possible to just pry off the cap, if you can get to it, and then replace it if you can find a suitably sized one at the hardware store. If going this route, then be careful not to damage the threads too much. I'm probably going to try this first, and then go with the P-trap replacement if I screw up.

    Just my 2-cents. Good luck.

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