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    Default Hip Roof Rafters & Soffit Vent Chutes

    Hi!My little house has a hip roof, which means the rafters in the corners come together in an inverted V about three feet from the attic floor. In each corner are two of the soffit vents. I want to have insulation blown in over the 40 year old 6 inch batt insulation, but need to have the soffit vent chutes installed such that the airways are not restricted. Contractors through a local npo installed some carboard vent chutes, but tilted so the corner of the cardboard aligns with the rafters, closing the V nicely. Not nailed shut, but air must leak through an envelope-like slit. They off-set two of the corner chutes slightly, allowing a little more air flow but not much. Anybody have tips for vent chuting this V construction for maximum air flow from the soffit vents? I already have some problems with ice dams, have a ridge vent, two gable vents and a couple of jacks, but need those soffit vents to get air in. Once the insulation is blown in next spring, retrofitting the chutes will be well-nigh impossible, but I can tinker with them now. Thanks a million, best, M.
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    Default Re: Hip Roof Rafters & Soffit Vent Chutes

    Howdy you could cut in some more eve vents in the eve and baffle the rafters up a couple inches higher then what the new insulation will be. do not have to baffle any higher as the eve vent is allowing air in to circulate through out the attic.

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