I have a purchase offer in on a house. It is a charming old house in a nice neighborhood. The house needs some work.

The inspection is tomorrow but I already know that it was not winterized and everything has frozen in our frigid Minnesota winter. The radiators cracked and leaked a little during a brief thaw then everything froze again. The toilet tank froze and cracked. Iím sure the water heater and boiler are both frozen solid.

What I want to know is how bad (expensive) is it to fix this? I know all the plumbing will likely have to be redone but I also expect there will be a lot of water damage when things start to thaw. Will I have to rip into all the walls to get at the plumbing? Will I have to replace the wiring?

I can still get out of the deal if I want to but I really love the house and want to make it work.