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    Default Can we demo our shower surround, line with plastic, and keep using it?

    Hi - we've got bad moisture in our shower/tub surround walls we fear. Mold keeps growing seemingly from the inside out on the grout lines and we've now got at least one tile that's bulging out. We need to redo the whole surround but are still saving up for the tile, plumbing, etc. I was wondering if we could do the demo work now to get all the mold out of the walls and stop rot from getting worse and then line the shower surround with shower curtains or plastic sheeting and use it like that for a few months? I'd make sure the sheets are overlapping each other. Oh, and I forgot to mention that this is our only shower. We live in Seattle so I also have concerns about condensation since it's about 40 degrees outside until May/June. Any advice would be much appreciated! Thanks!

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    Default Re: Can we demo our shower surround, line with plastic, and keep using it?

    if you want to take a few more steps than just gutting and hanging plasitc this might be a good temporary yet unattractive fix. gut the tub surround to the studs. install insulation between the studs, this should cure the condensation problem. cover the insulation with plastic stapled to the studs every few inches and tape the seams to keep everything within the walls water tight. then hang cement board or tile backer board over the plastic and screwed into the studs every 6-8". now you can hang your plastic and seal it up well to get you through a few months until you can afford the tiler to come in and finish the job.

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