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    Default Top 10 No Nos for Old Plumbing

    I live in a 1928 building that was converted to condos. We've had problems with people using garbage disposals (too much for the pipes) so we're trying to develop a list of things NOT to do to help preserve our delicate plumbing.

    - One neighbor says: No Draino (but I don't know why)
    - One neighbor claims pouring bleach down the pipes helps clear them (is this OK?)
    - We all feel we should not allow garbage disposals.

    Does anyone have any explanations or additional information we should consider?

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    Default Re: Top 10 No Nos for Old Plumbing

    I have never had much luck with Drano and it can be dangerous for someone working on the plumbing.

    Bleach will dissolve most organic material.

    I have never been a fan of garbage disposals but plumbers like the work they create for them.
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