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    Default Removing paint from metal

    I'm trying to remove paint from metal window pulls. Think it's water based, tried soaking it in paint thinner with no result. Also think it may be brass because the paint thinner didn't harm it. Any ideas?? Thanks, Cory

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    Default Re: Removing paint from metal

    Paint thinner will have little affect on dried paint, get some paint remover.
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    Default Re: Removing paint from metal


    Mineral spirits will not readily attack latex paints, nor dried oil paint for that matter. If it is oil paint, soak the pulls in lacquer thinner or acetone overnight in a metal can with a cover on it. The paint will flake off and then can be can be rinsed in water.

    If it is latex paint, soak for a prolonged period in warm or hot water with a little detergent in it. Some people use a crock pot for such purposes. Latex paint breaks down under water and warm temperatures.

    How do you tell if it is latex? Latex will start to break down if rubbed with denatured alcohol or a product such as "Goof-Off". Neither product readily affects oil paints.

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    Default Re: Removing paint from metal

    Removing paint from metal surfaces is a task tackled many different ways depending on the type of metal and paint. There are several ways to do this, Take a wire brush and sc**** all the paint flakes off, this will really help you, to remove paint.

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