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    Default Tucking Carpet Against Adjoining Tile Floor

    How do I finish off a carpet edge that adjoins a tiled floor area. The tiles are 1 ft. square and the carpet is 17 ft. wide against the tiled area.

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    Default Re: Tucking Carpet Against Adjoining Tile Floor

    The easiest and probably most common method is with a metal transition strip that is nailed into place. I personally don't care for that look and would rather "tuck" the carpet at the transition point. A tuck is done by installing a Z-bar flashing along the carpet edge. The carpet is stretched, then tucked under the flashing that is then tapped down with a hammer to bind the edge down along the tile, resulting in a "seamless" transition.
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    Default Re: Tucking Carpet Against Adjoining Tile Floor

    With a rubber hammer. Here's a link to Homedepots transition strips
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