I just recently bought a new home. It's modern, but I have eclectic taste. I have a formal dining room that is 10' x 11.5'
not so large. I was hoping to make it a really funky dining room, where not much matches. I want to purchase a dining table that is old and different and doesn't match my chairs at all. The table would seat 6. I have 3 wood chairs that are dark wood, kind of old world style. I also have 3 chairs that are skirted parsons chairs in a beautiful brown textured cloth. I found an old farm table today that is 75" long and 35" wide. It's made from old oak slats, and the table has never been stained or painted, and has been outside or in a barn for years. The table is in great shape, but there are stains on the table that look like either white paint or old bird poop. I love the thought of using the old table as my dining table, but right now, it's an old weathered gray. Not sure if I should paint it, stain it, leave it as is, or what exactly. And not sure how to get the stains off. Any ideas?