Brooklyn boasts a wide range of architectural styles, but the victorian brownstone is truely it's best example!

My husband and I own a very similar brownstone just down the block from the Shen/Costello family and we are excited about the project they are taking on.

We watched the first two episodes and the details in the house are quite beautiful, and almost the same as ours. It's great to have so many details still in tact nowadays, especially when the house had been an SRO, also like ours. The parlor floor entry is just stunning and I was happy to hear they will restore the original pocket doors - they are a great space saver and very a charming original detail.

I'm not sure about their decision to put a spiral stair in the middle of the parlor rooms and kitchen in the back room - I think there are other ways to accomplish the apartment layout they ultimately want without moving the original details of the house (like the fret work.. OUCH!) - I would love to see "before" floor plans of the house, the TOH site only shows "after".

I also wished they had decided to keep the master bedroom as one large room, rather than spliting it up. And very curious to see more about the bathroom on that floor - looks like a nice old tub and beautiful subway tile, not to overlook the decorative "shell" tiles along the border. I hope they decide to restore it, or at least part of it. A victorian bathroom can be luxurious!

Looking forward to seeing how the project develops.