I was watching an episode of TOH today that partly focused on Asbestos and Lead paint safety and it got me to worrying about a smell in my office. I'm probably over reacting, but it was remodeled over a month ago and there's been a strong smell in here since. My landlord and his maintenance men took what maybe used to be an old workroom or storage area and drywalled it so I could use it as an office.

I'm pretty sure they didn't remove the old paint before they repainted and put up drywall. There's been a strong dusty smell that won't seem to go away now, and the building is pretty old. I'm worried about what the smell might be and how I can figure out if it's potentially dangerous or what to do about it. I've already mopped and cleaned the windows and sills, so I'm not sure what's left short of cleaning the walls and ceiling too. I've done some minor work with drywall before and that's what I thought the smell was, but whatever it is, I don't understand why it's still lingering. I've left the windows open for days after cleaning and it's still there. If I leave the door open it spreads to other nearby rooms, and the only thing that seems to really help is putting a fan in the window set to exhaust mode, but winter's coming soon and I just want the smell gone.

If anyone has any input I'd really appreciate it.