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    Default Major Settling in Old House

    We moved into our 45 yr old house about 3 years ago. When we moved in, I noticed that our kitchen floor sagged a little bit. No big deal right, it's an old house. Then i noticed that the bathroom door right off of the kitchen was sticking in the corner, on the non-hinge side. I sanded it down, to eliminate the sticking. Well, now it's back. I also notice that our steps going up stairs have started popping more than usual, and big pops in the middle of the night sometimes wake me (i'm a light sleeper).. Is my house sinking or in danger of collapsing? I'm concerned and not sure what I should do... would insurance cover this kind of problem?

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    Default Re: Major Settling in Old House

    i would definitely first have a good contractor look at it to give you some general idea about what might be happening, be it structural or foundation related. depending on their assessment you might want to then call your insurance company and they should send out a structural engineer to give his own assessment which is at no cost to you. you might get a free estimate from a contractor but i doubt you would get a freebie from a structural engineer. after they look at it write us back, i'd love to know what they come up with. for something to be happening suddenly in a 45 year old house is very unusual, all of the foundation settling should have occured over the first few years. i wouldn't rule out insect damage to a major carrying beam, i've seen insects do major structural damage well more than once.
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    Default Re: Major Settling in Old House

    It's also possible that your floor joists are under sized for the span. Do as MLBSF suggested.
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