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    Default lampost fixture replacement

    Hi, I want to replace the light fixture that sits atop the post. However I took one of the screws out but the other is rusted and keeps spinning when I try to take it out. How can I get the screw out so I can replace the fixture with a new one. THANKS FOR YOU HELP!!

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    Default Re: lampost fixture replacement

    Try using a pair of diagonal wire cutters "dikes" to cut the head off the screw. Then the screw should just pull out if it just spins.

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    Default Re: lampost fixture replacement

    Always keep this advice in mind: "If brute force doesn't work, use more."

    Since you are replacing the fixture and probably don't care about the old one, you might find that you can remove the fixture by brute force. If the screws are a "friction fit" it just might come off with a little persuasion.
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