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    Default Pipes banging (water hammer) for "no" reason

    Hi All.

    Hopefully you can answer this question, or give me some advice for a friend of mine.

    I was speaking with my friend, and she says that the pipes are banging constantly, with no water running every 3 or 4 minutes. (Water hammer as far as i can tell... I'm not there now...)

    She says no water is running; but it was fairly cold -20C and now it has gone to approximately -12C (I'm Canadian...-4F to +10F)

    I've been told that the lines have to be bled to clear this up; could the temperature change have something to do with it?


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    Default Re: Pipes banging (water hammer) for "no" reason

    my best guess would be that either the water supply pipes from the furnace to the radiators have to be bled or the circulator pumps is dead. if the circulator pump is dead the best way to tell is to feel the radiators when the furnace has had time to heat everything up. if the first radiator in the string is hotter than usual and the last in the string is cold or barely warm then the circulator pump probably needs to be replaced. both can cause pipes banging but the latter will cause them to bang louder and harder.

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