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    Default Bathroom faucet Hot water issue

    when I turn on the hot water, the cold water in the pipes runs out, but when the hot water arrives it slows to a trickle then stops without the valve being shutoff. I then have to turn the valve up more to get the water to start up again, then it trickles again... I have to turn the hot water valve way up to get any hot water to keep flowing. This is the only hot water valve that works like this in the whole house. The kitchen sink is 12 feet away from the bathroom sink and has no problems. Any ideas on this would be greatly appreciated. Jack of all trades, master of none...

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    Default Re: Bathroom faucet Hot water issue

    i'm not positive but i believe ask TOH did a story on this with a faucet or shower where the mixing valve had to be replaced. wasn't a big deal and it could be done by a home owner. try youtubing "how to change a faucet mixing valve". that's what the problem sounds like to me

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