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    Default refinishing wood floors for a beginner

    I have 6 rooms with hardwood floor put down in the 70s it still looks pretty good but I would like to start refinishing them.Renting a sander at the store is not an option because I can only do one room at a time that would run into alot of money and I am not that fast. What would be a good sander that I can buy to sand the floors. I have refinished alot of furniture but never a floor. thanks

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    Default Re: refinishing wood floors for a beginner

    There is a lady I know who has refinished nearly every hardwood floor in her home with a palm sander. It looks gorgeous! I would tell you not to get Black & Decker models because I have burned up 3 of them in the past. Told my husband I absolutely had to upgrade.
    After researching, comparing,talking to builders, and reading up on palm sanders. The DeWalt DW411 Heavy Duty industrial Palm Sander seemed the best deal out there. It also has a full 1 yr. warranty. Includes a dust collection bag, optional accessories include 6"circular platen & adust extraction hose adapter. Included is a paper punch which I forget to use sometimes. The sandpaper doesn't last very long when the holes are not punched to allow the dust to go into the bag. That problem is me, not the sander. Another point about using a palm sander on floors: One can control it better, ripples & scratches are less likely to happen,& trouble spots will pop right out at you.Good luck

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    Default Re: refinishing wood floors for a beginner


    What is a drum sander? How big is it? I am planning on refinishing my oak kitchen floor and do not want to rent one of those huge floor sanders because I do not think I would be able to control it. My kitchen is not that big and it has an island in the middle. I was hoping there was something smaller and more managable. Any other hints?


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