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    Default condensation inside air handler

    I had A/C put in our house this past summer(2008),which worked great. Come around October I closed off all room supply vents and the main return leading to the air handler located in my attic/crawl space. About a month or so later(Nov) I took notice that my thermostat wasn't displaying the temperature. Through further investigation I found condensation inside the air handler and pull box, which tripped the breaker...hence no thermostat display. I had a new roof put on 5yrs ago, the roofer says it's not a roof problem. Each room vent has a rubber gasket to seal and the main return has a piece of rigid insulation to block hot air from getting up inside. This can't be right? What about mold when I turn the system back on? Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated!!

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    Default Re: condensation inside air handler

    if water was in the breaker that is mounted outside of the air handler, then the condensation is forming in the attic space itself, not the air handler. i'd check for air leaks from the interior space and also consider adding more ventilation to your attic. a properly vented attic should never have any condensation forming.

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