I need help NOW! We are building a new home. We have just finished putting the primer coat on all the interior walls while the rock layer is busy working outside.
Now we've had an ice storm! The house has two roof lines, where the lower roof butts up agains the exterior wall we had major leakage. The shingles are on and a flashing was installed between the roof and exterior wall, we had the builder tar along the flasing along the wall because we were worried about rain coming before the rock layer was able to get to the second level and lay the rock. My question is, why did it leak but most importantly do I need to tear out the sheetrock and replace the insulation, and will getting the rock laid on this upper level stop the leaking in the future?
I'm worried about mold problems as well as long term damage to the infrastructure of the house. When I called my builder to tell him it leaked he said, "I was afraid of that".