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I'm closing in on seventy years of age, have lived in several homes, and gone through I don't know how many water heaters but have never had to install an expansion tank. I have also never seen NashuaTech give false or misleading advice.

Jack I have read many of your posts and realize you have a lot of knowledge with your age. The OP said it leaked before and it still leaks. NashuaTech stated most hot systems dont need an expansion tank and most increase in pressure is absorbed by the piping and air in top of heater. I want to know what brand of water heater holds air in the top. I have installed sevral hundred water heaters in my 26 yr plumbing career and have never seen any w/h hold air in top for pressure expansion. Most new water systems have a check valve or a PRV with a check valve and dosent allow back feed into water main, Thus the reaason alot of people need an expansion tank.

As far as dobbs stating "it is just sloppy troubleshooting procedure to shoot off my mouth and insist on additional componants and exspense" And for the new boiler comment that seems like a very mature statement to me. I live in the mid west and op lives in Mass. I was not trying to sell just trying to help
An expansion tank is pretty inexspensive to install yourself. Seems pretty handy for doing what he/she has done already.
To the Gator12, 140 water is pretty high. it can cause third degree burns in about 5 seconds. I hope you find out why the T&P keeps leaking.