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    Default Blown insulation in walls

    I live in a house with cement board/plaster finish walls. There is no insulation in them at all. I have thought about having insulation blown in the walls but after seeing the holes left in my neighbors exterior walls decided this may not be the best thing. Can this be done from the tops of my interior walls. It would be pretty easy for me to repair and paint these holes (much better than the holes in my brick exterior).

    Thanks for any advice.

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    Default Re: Blown insulation in walls

    Injection Foam can be installed through a 3/4" hole from the outside in the mortar joint; after the hole is patched it is hardly noticed. Or it can be done from the inside with a few small holes in each stud bay. Tripolymer has a lot higher R-value than blown cellulose, and will not settle over time.



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