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    Default 2 gang switch - power at light

    I currently have a basic one pole light switch with the power originating at the light source(14-2 wire from light source to switch).

    I would like to add another light fixture controlled by a separate switch. I am going to add a two gang box to add the new switch.

    Am I going to have to run 14-3 cable from the original light source to the 2 gang box in order hook up the neutral from the new light source? Or is there a way to do this without the need to run the 14-3?


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    Default Re: 2 gang switch - power at light

    You could wire 14-2 from the one fixture to the other then 14-2 from the second fixture to the switch just like the first one.
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    Default Re: 2 gang switch - power at light

    Whether you run 14-2 or 14-3, either way, you'll have to run wire. Thing I try to keep in mind is the question: does it end here or am I planning to do something else in the future?

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