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    Default What to do with coal chute?

    I have a coal chute in pretty good shape in my 1935 Storybook. I have been joking with friends that it is so I can have my fiancee pass me beers while I'm working outside on the lawn or something. But seriously, I'm wondering if anyone has done anything creative with their coal chute. Right now, it is the perfect size for a CD player and small amp to power my basement sound system while I'm working on projects. Any other ideas?

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    Default Re: What to do with coal chute?

    find a secure, architecturally tasteful way to hide it from the outside and insulate it on the inside.

    You may want to finished the basement and use it and that could lead to security issues esp. after you marry and have a brood.

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    Default Re: What to do with coal chute?

    We have an 1892 brick house, don't have the full coal chute but we do have the opening. It's got the brick roman arch at the top which looks really cool. I think the land is built up more than it was as this opening is now flush with the concrete outside.

    I did have thoughts of using it to pass lumber and stuff into the basement, perhaps even putting a wooden chute on the inside. I haven't done it yet as I'm not sure about the security of it. My other idea was trying to cut a window with a round top for it to let some light into the basement. It seems a shame to cover up or brick in such a feature.

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    Default Re: What to do with coal chute?

    PO mounted their central air conditioner condensor on a slab poured over the outside entrance to mine. At least what I have always assumed is a coal shute. It's lots bigger than what your's sounds like so maybe it's was for something else. It's at least 4 feet wide and easily as tall with a steep slope up to the outside.

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