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    I look at it from the opposite perspective. I tell every new tenant that if they want to have internet access throughout their apartment, they should buy a wireless router rather than drill holes through my walls for a cable.

    Every time I rent an apartment, the new tenant is wanting to drill holes through my walls so that he can string a cable into his bedroom or bathroom or wherever.

    To my way of thinking, it's far more reasonable for that tenant to invest in a wireless network for his apartment than it is for him to expect me to repair the holes he's put through my walls for cables so he can surf from his/her bed.

    First off, the hardware he buys will work with any future computer he buys, and it will work in any future apartment he rents. In contrast, the holes he makes in my walls won't move to his next address with him. It's me that gets stuck fixing the holes because a $30 cable is so vastly cheaper than a $45 wireless router.

    As with so many other things in life, this too is a problem that arises from ignorance. If your average person knew how to change the frequency of their wireless network, and it's power level, then the problem of airwave saturation would be reduced. But, most people buy a wireless router the same way they buy a colour TV set. They hook it up, and if it works, the owner's manual gets filed in the cardboard box the router came in, never to be looked at again.

    I just feel that if someone wants a network, they should install that network in their own property. To install it by drilling holes through the walls of my property is damage, and I charge for repairing damage caused by the tenant.
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