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    Default Convectors Vs. Radiators

    I live in a 1927 Dutch Colonial. We bought the house 2 1/2 years ago at which time a new furnace had been installed. At some point the previous owners had changed the radiators to convectors. Not baseboard but larger units. They are covered units that take up a similar amount of room to a covered radiator. I am wondering if replacing them with radiators would be beneficial to heating the home.
    I have to insulate the walls still, after I replace the knob and tube, as they have none but our attic has been insulated with two layers of fiberglass batts. Any thoughts?

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    Default Re: Convectors Vs. Radiators

    It seems like a lot of wasted effort to remove the convectors if they're already in place---if the rooms are not as warm as you'd like, perhaps you could add a rad or two here & there, or a strip of baseboard.

    This would add more heat to the room at much less expense.

    New cast iron rads would be very expensive & even 2nd hand rads at a salvage yard would cost & they weigh ~500 lbs. each.

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    Default Re: Convectors Vs. Radiators

    Also there should be a way to adjust the vent opening on the convector. If it is closed or partially closed you will not get to much heat. You didn't specifically say you wanted to change them because the rooms were too cold but if that is the problem try opening the vent. There should be a knob of some sort that allows you to do that. I had them in my house before a major remodel in which I put radiant in but they did work great. They aren't the nicest looking heat but they did work. Hope this helps you out.


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