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    Default Filling New Molding

    I had pre-primed molding added around interior windows and baseboards. What is best to use to fill the nail holes? I was thinking either spackling or wood filler. Any thoughts on the best choice?

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    Default Re: Filling New Molding

    Both would work fine and they both sand very easily. Both will shrink a little bit so fill the holes a little high so you can sand them down. Durham's Rock Hard putty is what I use. It will set up on you in about 10 minutes. Spackling will stay soft and usable for longer and you can buy it already mixed.

    Good Luck.

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    Default Re: Filling New Molding

    I'd go with interior spackle because it will be the easiest to work with. Apply it with your finger with sufficient force to wipe the spot clean, but also force it down into the hole such that hydraulic force will "pooch" it back up a bit. Allow to fully dry then scrap flat with a clean, straight putty knife. If the hole still has a bit of a divot, then apply more spackle. A light brush with some 180 or 200 grit sand paper will knock it smooth without disturbing the primer. Now you're ready to paint.
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