Hello, we have dark hardwood floors which were installed in a brand new condo about a year ago. I have a large dog which has put some scratches and marks on the flooring. These scratches are not deep and the sun usually has to hit the floor at a certain angle in order to see the them. I do not think sanding and restaining the floors is the best route - or even a route I'm willing to take at this time. I am wondering if simply applying polyurethane to the scratched areas would work. Or, is there some other product out there that I can simply brush on to fill in the scratches. I am hoping something is available which will not require restaining as the floors are very dark and I think it would be almost impossible to match the color/texture/style.

Also, as a side note - I have purchased toe nail covers for my dog, so this doesn't keep happening!

Thanks for any guidance,