Have my home for sale. Had a home inspection done 6 months ago and the inspector actually complimented the house, good house for the age of the house (built in 1965). We get a new buyer for the house and just got back the home inspection (everything was mentioned even the kitchen sink divits!) Please let me know if the following is expensive to fix, or something I might be able to do myself. (BTW, I have already agreed to paying their closing costs!)So, how much $$ are we talking here??? Thank you!!!

Septic: Install inlet baffle; 2. determine cause of standing affluent in drain pipe and repair 3. add soil to reduce ponding and 4. add cleanout within 3 ft of home 2// have HVAC unit serviced and repaired per report requirements--repair.replace heating elements, insulate low pressure line and verify all ductwork is suspended from rafters per current standards and not lying over joist and insulation 3// WDI report treat active and conducisive conditions and provide buyer a clean WDI report within 7 days of acceptance.