Ok, I'm a little puzzled. I own a 3 family and have been notified that there are water spots on the ceiling in the master bedroom. I've checked out the apartment above it to see if I could see any visible signs of water damage on the floors and there is none. It has not rained in almost a month, and there are no plumbing pipes in that area of the house. The only logical thing that I can think of is that maybe the copper pipes in the upper apartment are leaking or there may be condensation, but the spots are not up against the outside wall, they are about 6-8 inches in from the wall, also there are spots in an area where I do not believe there to be any heating pipes. Any ideas on what may be causing the water spots? The tennant blindsided us and called the Board of Health before giving us a chance to check it out. It's turning into a mold problem apparently.
Any help is appreciated.