I am trying to re-locate my gas jet in the fireplace in our new house. It is installed now way too far forward, so the flames won't reach the wood unless it's way up towards the front of the fireplace. Then that causes the smoke to want to come into the house instead of up the smoke chamber.

The problem I am having is that I can't get the fittings apart that come out of the wall to the gas jet. I was able to remove the jet piece (the piece with the holes in it), but I can't get the elbows or fittings apart. I have sprayed some penetrating spray on them, and am waiting to see if that will help.

I have a couple of pipe wrenches, but the space is limited in there to work, so it's hard to get leverage to get a good turn on them.

I have 2 90 degree elbows and about a 2" piece of gas pipe I need to remove. I want the gas jet to get in the center of the fireplace, so it will light the wood where it should be.

Any ideas on how to get these stuck pipes apart would be greatly appreciated!