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    Default Kithcen Lighting Problems - PLEASE HELP ME..

    I have attempted to replace a florescent tube light in my kitchen with some halogen lights. However, when I disconnected the tube light I discovered 4 live wires, 2 neutral wires and an earth wire. I appears that the other lights in my utility room and office are inter-connected, and now that I have removed the tube light, non of them work.

    I have attempted to put all 4 live wires together, and both neutral and connect up to the new light fitting. The result: the lights start to work again, but the new fitting stays CONSTANTLY on.

    I know that one of the live wires is constant (as tested with a live wire tester) and others need to connect to it (in some way) but I'm now puzzled. I have checked the light switch that controls the main kitchen light - but again an stuck

    Can anybody help?

    Thanks in advance.


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    Default Re: Kithcen Lighting Problems - PLEASE HELP ME..

    When you removed the old fixture you should have only disconnected the wires to it. Please provide the color of the wires in the box, the color of the wires on the switch.

    It sounds like you have a hot and neutral supply, hot and neutral to the other lights and a hot and return for the switch.
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