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    Default Fill in large hole in tile wall?

    I have a tile bathroom wall. There is an inset ceramic toilet paper roll holder that I would like to remove. It will leave a hole approximately 6" deep (my guess before removing the beast!). How can I fill that hole to make a solid wall to put tile on?

    I was thinking of filling it with some insulation material and then a vapor barrier of some sort? Would that be solid enough? I know there are metal mesh patches that work for smaller holes, but I don't think that would be stable enough to tile over without something else hard underneath. Presumeably I have to remove the single border of tile around this hole in order to have some wall to attach things to as well.

    Any help would be appreciated! Thank you.

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    Default Re: Fill in large hole in tile wall?

    Several times I have layered smaller holes with fiberglass mesh over the hole. You would have to remove a row of tile around the hole. You then skim-coat the mesh with mortar/thinset and let it dry before tiling. If the hole is too big you have to frame in the hole and put sheetrock or cement board. Also, I would install insulation w/ vapor barrier prior to patch repair.
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    Default Re: Fill in large hole in tile wall?

    You can provide support for replacement drywall by installing a couple pieces of plywood that are wider than the hole, but narrower than the hole. You screw through the edges of the existing drywall into the plywood that spans the opening. You then cut a piece of drywall to fit on top of the plywood and inside the hole. This replacement drywall is screwed to the plywood. You then tape and mud the joint to finish it off. Insulate like you would any exterior wall prior to installing the plywood.

    Here is a link with pictures to help my feeble description. They used a narrow board in the center of the hole. In your case I would use a piece of plywood about 1/2 the width of the hole (but longer than the side to side measurement of the hole) at the top and one the same size at the bottom. That way when you slip the plywood behind the existing drywall at the top & bottom it leaves a small gap in the middle. That way the edges are better supported when you start mudding.


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