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    Default How to get rid of squirrels


    I live in a twin house in Chester, PA. The house connected to my house is vacant and has been so for a year or two. Squirrels live in the vacant house. They have eaten through to my house. My living room and front bedroom are always cold.

    How can I get them out of my walls and what can I put in my walls for insulation?

    I tried to talk to the owner about a year ago about getting the squirrels out of his property but he stated he was not planning to fix the property at that time. I called the Health Department. They had him clean out the house, board up the windows and clean the yard. The side window is not boarded all the way up. Sometimes you can see the squirrels sitting above the window frame.

    I thank you in advance for your response to my dilemma.

    Margaret Johnson
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