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    Default Installing drywall without insulation?

    We're doing some work to our 1937 home and are concerned about a suggestion our contractor has made.

    Some background, we'll be removing the plaster walls and putting up drywall, removing the radiators and installing radiant heat flooring, and replacing the original windows with new efficient ones. We have already installed a new efficient boiler.

    Our contractor is saying that because the house is brick and was built with thick walls, when they remove the plaster and lath, they don't need to put up 2x4's and insulation behind the drywall. They'll put up wood strips and then the drywall.

    Is this going to cause a problem in the future with moisture? Heat loss? Any concerns or is this normal building practice?

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    Wink Re: Installing drywall without insulation?

    How thick are the walls? If they are some unusual thickness it might be ok the way you want to do it. But, if they are a nominal thickness 10" to 12" thick I would re-consider what to do with the exterior walls. You can do what the contractor wants on interior brick walls, but I would put a vapor barrier then 2x4's and insulation on the exterior walls, then the wallboard.


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    Default Re: Installing drywall without insulation?

    Any exterior walls should be insulated. I would likely use 2x4 studs & fiberglass. Even just furring strips could have rigid insul between strips and then a layer over for added insulation, then drywall.
    2x4 furring will cause more work at windows & doors.

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