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    I have recently purchased a new home that is about 55 years old. The house is heated with radiant heat, and I can hear the water running through the pipes in the walls when water is being circulated to and from the boiler. At times, the sound is quite loud and can wake me and my girlfriend up during the night. Is there anything I can do to reduce this noise?

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    There are 2 types of noise associated with radiant heat pipes---one is from exapansion & contraction noise when the pipes heat up & cool down---but more often it is because of air in the water that creates a lot of noise.

    The way to get air out is a word widely used in radiant heat, called PURGE, or purging a closed system.

    Purging the zones or pipe runs one loop at a time is done by finding the PURGING STATION that all radiant heat pipes must have---somewhere in the cellar, near the boiler, usually at the MANIFOLDS.

    They look like outdoor faucet connections---you attach a garden hose to one side of the pipe run, and a short piece of drain garden hose to the other end & force cold water thru the pipe for a few minutes until no air is seen running out the discharge end.

    Put the discharge end into a cellar floor drain, or a large plastic trash barrel.

    The sites below explain more; also Google "purge air from radiant" (with and without the quotation marks).
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