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    Question refacing a firplace

    The facing on my fireplace is marble, with a wooden frame and mantle. I am intrested in resurfacing this with brick or stone, without removeing the currect marble. Can this be done? What would be involved,and what is the most efficient way to do this.
    Thank you for your anticipated input.

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    Wink Re: refacing a firplace

    There might be a bonding agent that will do what you want, check with a cement supply house, they have all kinds of bonding agents. Your other option is to take the marble down first. If you place the brick on top of the marble, will it still work with the mantle, or will the mantle have to be modified?


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    Default Re: refacing a firplace

    If it were me, I'd just take a hammer and chisel to the marble. Clean it all off the substrate, do what you want with the existing mantle, and then lay up your new surface. You'll get a good solid job out of it.

    If you're changing the mantle, you may want to build it first, then put up the veneer materials. It'll be easier on you that way.

    Good Luck.

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