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    Default Spots on Ceiling

    We have discovered two dark water spots in our ceiling in the kitchen - it lies under the bathroom - but are not sure what has caused the problem. We have not used the bathroom sense - but the pipes seem to run in that general direction - we do not yet have a access panel cut into the wall behind the shower, but that is our next step. The spots are small - one is round like a 50-cent piece - the other is oblong and is maybe 3" in circumference. We have a fiberglass one piece tub with a shower head and a ceramic tile 12" floor. Was wondering if we should cut the ceiling or take out the tile - or just wait till we get the access panel open and start there - we are not even sure if it is the shower, we also have a toilet in that bathroom as well as a heat pump furnace unit all in that general part of the house - (two stories)- just looking for some advise on where to start. THANKS!!!

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    Default Re: Spots on Ceiling

    Access holes in walls and ceiling is a lot easier to repair than taking up tile and subfloor.
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