Hi everyone,
I purchased a 1999 4100sq foot ranch home that has 96 recessed lights and my heating bill is enormous ($540 in December - this is NJ).
I climbed into the attic and it is insulated with R30 - except where the recessed lights are. I don't see any labeling indicting that they're IC rated, so that's probably the reason. Anyway, out of each one of them, I can feel the warm air from the insulated space below.

What can I do?

I was thinking that I should get all of them replaced with sealed units (I hear that you can buy these? I don't mind if they require fluorescents or LED to avoid heat buildup). But I'm hesitant because I expect the cost to be enormous. Or is it? I am not handy and am not sure I could do the job myself.

Any suggestions on what to do would be very much appreciated.