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    Question Options over 1950's hardwood

    I've got a 1950's bungalow in Ontario. It has the original 1 1/4" oak hardwood floors in the living room, hallway and bedrooms. It is in terrible shape and not worth refinishing. I am planning to put in new hardwood but have a question. Is it possible to just lay the new hardwood (3 1/4" plus) right over the existing floor? If not could I lay an a floating hardwood floor over it?

    I'm looking for some ideas, this is my first home and I'm on a budget but I don't want to carpet or put down a laminate.

    Thanks in advance,


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    Default Re: Options over 1950's hardwood

    The answer to both your questions is yes.
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    Default Re: Options over 1950's hardwood

    I agree with Jack's succinct answer. However, if you have the original floors, they're probably thick enough that you could sand them down and put a new finish on them. You'd have a beautiful floor when done and it shouldn't cost you that much if you do as much of the work yourself, as you're able.

    A floating floor is an "imitation" floor in my humble opinion and your original wood floor is the real deal. Being an old carpenter, I'd go with real wood every chance I get, rather than the new, cheaper stuff.

    Good Luck.

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    Wink Re: Options over 1950's hardwood

    If you decide to go with a new floor make sure you put a "felt" paper over the old floor before you put down the new floor, to prevent squeaking.


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