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    Unhappy drywall joint separation

    the drywall joints are separating
    on all of the
    garage ceiling joints(6).
    the separations run the
    full length of the ceiling
    (26')what is causing this,
    and what can i do to
    stop further damage?

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    Default Re: drywall joint separation

    If you're talking about the tape seperating this happened to our previous home.
    What I did was remove all the tape from the joints and applied new mesh tape. Then I bought joint compound , not the finishing compound , and put on 2 coats finished with a good coat of sealer primer. Never had a problem after.
    The nice thing was doing this out in the garage gave me the chance to practise my mudding skills, came in handy later for doing work inside.

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    Default Re: drywall joint separation

    Three suggestions.
    1) No mesh tape, just the paper kind that isn't as easy to use.

    2) Before you put drywall tape down, fill the crack with drywall compound and let it dry. It will suck down alot, you may need to add a second coat. Then, add the drywall tape and the finishing coats of drywall compound as normal.

    3) If there is a real problem with your building settling, try using silicon caulk in the cracks. It will cover alot of sins.

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    Default Re: drywall joint separation

    What is above the garage ceiling? It may be that the joists are sagging.
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