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    Default Old floor gap repair

    Need more info about using rope for old floor gap repairs. (Have seen TOH video) One floor professional said he fills the gaps very tightly with prestained rope so the rope ends up a bit higher than the floor. He then sands the floor ending up with the rope level with the floor before applying polyurethane.

    I can't find any info on this and am unable to count on this floor professional who doesn't respond to our requests to see one of these floors.

    One floor is in a kitchen and I would like to prevent food from falling between the floorboards.

    Appreciate advice.

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    Default Re: Old floor gap repair

    It has been a common practice to fill flooring gaps with rope for a very long time. You need to match the size of rope to the cracks (use only natural hemp rope), stain, and push it down in to fill the cracks. I've seen it done before sanding the floor and after the floor is finished.
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