Hello all,

My wife and I bought a 50 year old house about 6 months ago and only recently have we started having problems with our water pressure.

We have a sears hydro-glass 1/2hp convertable jet pump paired with a well x-trol pressure tank. The pressure tank gives no indication of its capacity but it does say the max pressure is 100psi. These both are located in a well pit about 5 feet deep so that the cold Ohio winter doesn't hamper their performance.

Our problem stems from a rapid loss of pressure at all locations after turning on either cold or hot water. The trickle that comes out is barely enough to take a shower with.

I've noticed that the well pump has remained on constantly and does get hot to the touch. The pressure gauge reads 70psi and stays on constantly. This was not the norm prior to our problem. Usually the pump turns on at 40PSI and cuts off at 60PSI. For fear of burning the pump up, I've been shutting off the circuit breaker to the well pump when we don't need water. The well pump and pressure tank are approximately 30 years old.

I'm fairly convinced that this is a pump/pressure tank problem because the problem isn't localized and it happens with cold and hot water. Is there a way to tell if the problem is with one component vs the other? I'm sure that both pump and p tank have not been serviced in a long time as the woman who we bought the property from was handicapped and elderly.

Brian in Ohio