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Thread: 2 3/4" handles

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    Default 2 3/4" handles

    we are looking for some different handles for our old metal cabinets, the center to center is 2 3/4", does anyone know of a supplier? some new ones are available but the selection is limited, i would think that someone would maybe supply used ones?? thanks!

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    Another source would be VanDyke's Restorers.

    Use the "boring" search feature in left column of homepage.

    Maybe you've already looked there and a kajillion other places on-line, too.

    Here's a place you probably haven't found that *may* have what you're looking for -

    Historic Albany Foundation
    89 Lexington Avenue
    Albany, NY 12206

    Click on the warehouse link and there you'll find the contact info. These have always been nice folks to deal with and they've come thru for me on several occasions. I e-mailed a couple pics of what I needed and they go look. The hardware has been in nice shape and reasonably priced.

    You could also try a Google for - architectural salvage....and then poke around the sites to see what they've got. Or contact them directly.

    You could try here also -
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