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    Default bath tub faucet, can't remove cartridge

    i have a single lever bath tub faucet that i can not get the cartridge valve out. i have pulled retainer clip and usually, it just pulls out. are there some that require a special deep well like tool to unscrew? do not know the brand.. was bought at menards about 5 years ago and was a no-name type..thanks in advance

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    Default Re: bath tub faucet, can't remove cartridge

    Without a brand name, it would be hard to offer an opinion on how best to disassemble. Generally, single cartridge faucets are easy to disassemble, however, there are always exceptions.

    In lieu of a brand, can you take a close up picture of the valve with the handle and escutcheon plate installed (we might recognize it ) and with the cartridge exposed. You can upload the pictures directly here, or better would be to post them to a picture hosting site and link them here so that they will be larger and more detailed. The photo restrictions of this site keep the photos too small for good details.
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    Default Re: bath tub faucet, can't remove cartridge

    If brute force doesn't work, use more.
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