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    Question Replacing back porch steps - need advice

    I live in a 30's bungalow and am hiring someone to replace the back porch steps. Any adivce on what I should or shouldn't do? Should be simple, right?

    I want wood and I want to be able to paint it to match the house. I want to keep the traditional look of a bungalow and do not want to have the "deck" look. The person I am hiring is going to use pressure treated wood. Is this a good thing or a bad thing? I've read it can't be painted and one should let it age naturally (the kind of look I don't want). He said he will paint it but after reading this it makes me question if he knows what he is doing. What kind of questions should I be asking to make sure I get the look I want and that I will be getting a job done well?

    I hate to admit to stupidity but when it comes to things like this I really don't know what I am doing and need help.
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