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    Default Hot water adapter

    On a past "ask this old house", a woman had a problem with hot water. Her bathroom sink was the farthest from the heater and it would take a long time for the water to reach the sink. A device was installed that fit between the water line that would give instant hot water until the water from the tank reached the sink. I have been unable to find this device and would like to know what it is and where I should start looking for it.

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    Default Re: Hot water adapter

    There are numerous devices by various manufacturers that circulate the hot water so that it is always hot when it comes out of the tap.

    These all will raise the cost of your hot water bill to some extent, since they must heat the hot water more often---some use a passive design--or you can move the hot water heater closer to the hot water taps.

    Google "hot water recirculation systems" or "hot water circulation systems" (with and without the quotes) for various types and price ranges.
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