can anyone give me their advice to disolve built up lint in the washing machine drain.
there are three drains that go to the main waste pipe and all are ok except the washer drain leading me to believe it is a lint build up due to many years of use without a filter.
there is a very old style brass trap and all the pipes seem too old to mess with so rather then make repairs worse and more costly I would like to know if there is a specific brand liquid drain cleaner that will dissolve the lint build up before I go the other route.
of course the house is old and when it was built no one ever considered having to service anything so the pipes are hard to get to for replacment.
My wife does'nt understand about messing with old plumbing and she just wants it fixed, I know what will happen if I start touching these old pipes, its not a job I want to do in the middle of the winter.

any advice? thanks