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    Default Matching the finish of old wood floor

    I need to match the finish of a 100 yr. old pine floor for an addition. The addition is 1 step down from the original, so just close on the color and finish will work. The old floor appears to have an orange shellac color. No paint store has a stain close to it. I don't know the finish either, butI would like to use polyurethane for ease of care and durability. Any ideas on what to use to match color? Thanks.

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    Default Re: Matching the finish of old wood floor

    The best thing to do would be to pull a piece of trim or flooring from an inconspicuous location and take it to a contractors paint supply and have them color match the stain for you. Kelly Moore and Sherwin Williams are two that have this ability, Dunn Edwards is another. You will also need to take several samples of the wood you're going to stain so that they will have something to apply their tests to. They can help you choose compatible stain and top coat finishes as well, including proper application technique and equipment needs.
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