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    Default Warped wooden entry door

    I have a wood entry door that has warped and am wondering if there is any way to correct this. The door is only about little more than a year old, on new construction.

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    Default Re: Warped wooden entry door


    A few questions -

    Your locale is?

    Describe the door if you would. (slab/solid one piece, 2 panel, 4 panel, 6 panel, 8 panel, 12 panel, etc.)

    Is this a solid wood door or is it a door comprised of a composition material (MDF or similar) with a wood veneer?

    What direction does the door face?

    Is there a protective porch roof /overhang protecting it from direct sunshine and/or rainfall?

    Protected by a storm door?

    Painted or "varnished" on its exterior side? If "varnished/clear-coated", what type of finish is on it? If painted, what color? If painted, oil-based or latex?

    Same questions as above concerning interior side.

    Your current source of heat is? (if you are in a winter heating zone) IOW, what is the relative humidity inside the home? Outside the home?

    Were/are all six sides of the door finished? (either varnished or painted)
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    Default Re: Warped wooden entry door

    I've dealt with a couple of these over the years. What you need to do is wet (plain old water) the concave side and clamp it flat until it drys (a few days) - the water will swell the wood fibers and (hopefully!) push the door back into place and (hopefully!) it will stay flat once the clamps are removed.

    My success rate with this method is about 33%.

    Usually what I tell homeowners is that I can remove the door, install a temporary plywood door, then take it back to my shop, futz with it for a week or two and with a lot of luck may be able to get it back in into shape. But as long as you're dealing with a standard size and a style that you can pick up at one of the home centers you are much better off just replacing it... it's also a lot cheaper then having me futz with it for a week!
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