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    My husband and I just moved into a 1947 home in Tampa, Florida. It has never been updated since it was built. The walls aren't in bad shape, but there are some cracks, holes, and ugly tile on every window sill in the house. The walls are plaster with a swirled pattern on them. Is resurfacing the plaster walls a DIY job that we can handle or is it best to hire a professional? We want the walls to look nice, not just "good enough". We've thought about tearing them down and hanging drywall, but everybody seems to think that this is a bad idea. The ceilings in the family room, kitchen and dining room are tiled- not plaster- so they will need to be replaced. If we keep the plaster walls, does this mean that the ceilings need to be plastered as well? Please help....any advice on the job and materials would be much appreciated.

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    Default Re: Plaster Resurfacing

    If it were drywall I would say the patching and skim coating can be done by a DIYer, however because it's plaster I would recommend you hire a professional. He will have the proper bonding agents to re-plaster and the skill to do it right. You can replace the tiled ceilings with drywall or plaster.
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